Students who appear and score the required marks, will be eligible for Govt quota seats in different colleges and the burden of fee will be reduced ( govt can’t give you a free seat guys) but definitely you don’t need to pay lakhs together. Pursuing MBA in Bangalore has become a dream for young people. will fulfil your dream of doing MBA . Let’s see how much your Parents/Guardians hard earned money you can save by taking PGCET exam dam seriously. Don’t Get scared looking at the table…… Just think how much you can save. We will take some colleges as reference.

Its very simple to understand guys, there are around 200 MBA colleges in Karnataka once you are successful in the PGCET you can join any of the 200 colleges but within Karnataka state only. These colleges charge huge amount of fees, from minimum 2 .5 lakh to 12 lakh for two years if you are a non PGCET student. But if you are going through PGCET with good score your fee is limited to 55,000 only plus around 20,000 to 30,000 collected by respective colleges where you seek admission its oky.

This is why you have to take PGCET.
IMPORTANT: There are many scholarships available to students those who get admitted to MBA irrespective of your caste. scholarships are available to all categories like General, OBC and SC and ST. From Rs 30,000 to 80,000 each year. What you need to do is immediately after admitting for MBA please ask in the respective college office for scholarship application and apply immediately with the required documents. Register with us for more information about all these.